Supercharge PHP using FFI

As we all know that PHP is an open-source general-purpose scripting language. It is a type of simple and easy-to-write language which is good, but sometimes it brings some performance penalty. In this article, we are trying to remove those performance penalties using FFI (Foreign Function Interface). So, let’s get started.

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Stack: Making a brackets validator

Today we will make a simple brackets validator using Stack data structure. So let’s start! As an example let’s think (a+b) is an expression; In this expression, we need to verify some rules. If the open bracket exists in the expression then make sure to close bracket should exist after the open bracket. Same for […]

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Let’s configure our own WebSocket Server for Laravel Echo

I assume you have comfortable with Laravel Broadcasting. By default, Laravel has the following four broadcast drivers. Log Pusher Redis Null We will talk about Redis Driver today. Redis has the characterized channel-based messaging system, It’s called Publish and Subscribe or Pub/Sub. When an event is broadcast on our server, Laravel publishes that event in […]